Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals. Sixth edition. 2014

Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals. Sixth edition. 2014
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Horst Erich König, Hans-Georg Liebi


  • Approx. 1,100 figures: macro-anatomical and histologic preparations, sliced plastinations, modern imaging techniques and additional colored schemas
  • Unique text-atlas combination: anatomical basics and clinical specialties in combination with outstanding photographs and detailed graphics
  • New chapter: Sectional anatomy and imaging processes with an introduction to plastination, CT, MRT, ultrasound and endoscopy, with a total of 51 new figures
  • Clinical examination techniques added: rectal examination, neurological examination, equine endoscopy, palpation of bony structures


A standard atlas and textbook combination for students and practitiones alike, this updated and expanded 6th edition of Veterinary Anatomy of Domestic Mammals prepares readers for both veterinary exams and clinical practice and will keep readers at the cutting edge. Excellent didactic graphs and clear structure make both studying and referencing fun! Numerous new, brilliant figures, especially on imaging techniques, bring anatomy to life and help readers get a comprehensive grasp of clinical examination techniques.

As veterinary schools move increasingly to case-based learning, the expanded 6th edition of this pre-eminent textbook has been comprehensively updated and will bring anatomy to life for students and practitioners alike. It is the perfect tool to prepare students for both exams and clinical practice and will serve as a life-long reference for veterinarians and veterinary surgeons.

Table of Contents

General Introduction. Axial Skeleton. Fasciae and Muscles of the Head and Trunk. Forelimb Or Thoracic Limb. Hindlimb Or Pelvic Limb. Statics and Dynamics. Body Cavities. Digestive System. Respiratory System. Urinary System. Male Genital Organs. Female Genital Organs. Organs of the Cardiovascular System. Immune System and Lymphatic Organs. Nervous System. Endocrine Glands. Eye. Vestibulocochlear Organ. Common Integument. Topographic Clinical Anatomy. References. Glossary of Terms. Index.

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