Animal Andrology

Animal Andrology
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Theories and Applications

Edited by P J Chenoweth, James Cook University, Australia, S Lorton, Reproduction Resources, USA

April 2014 / Hardback / 584 Pages / 9781780643168

Main Description

Understanding animal andrology is fundamental to optimising genetic breeding traits in domestic and wild animals. This book provides extensive coverage of male reproductive biology, discussing the essentials of sperm production, harvest and preservation before covering the applications to a range of animals including cattle, horses, pigs, small ruminants, camelids, cats and dogs, poultry and exotic species. It also examines the laboratory procedures that provide the basis of general fertility research.

  • Section I: Animal Andrology Theories
  • 1: Semen and its Constituents.
  • 2: Sperm Production and its Harvest.
  • 3: Determinants of Sperm Morphology.
  • 4: Sperm Preparation for Fertilisation.
  • 5: Fundamental and Practical Aspects of Semen Cryopreservation.
  • 6: Evaluation of Semen in the Andrology Laboratory. (+appendix)
  • 7: Genetic Aspects of Male Reproduction
  • Section II: Animal Andrology Applications
  • 8: Applied Small Animal Andrology
  • 9: Applied Andrology in Chickens and Turkeys
  • 10: Applied Animal Andrology in Sheep, Goats and Selected Cervids
  • 11: Applied Andrology in Horses
  • 12: Applied Andrology in Cattle (Bos taurus)
  • 13: Applied Andrology in Cattle (Bos indicus)
  • 14: Applied Andrology in Water Buffalo
  • 15: Applied Andrology in Swine
  • 16: Applied Andrology in Camelids
  • 17: Applied Andrology in Endangered, Exotic and Wildlife Species
  • 18: Male Animal Contraception
  • 19: Semen evaluation and handling: emerging techniques and future development

`This is a multi-authored book with chapters from expert reproductive biologists and veterinarians from all around the globe...edited by Steven Lorton, a renowned reproduction biologist, and Peter Chenoweth, who was `Theriogenologist of the Year` in 2013`.

`The book is well laid out and makes good use of tables and illustrations. It fulfils the objectives of the editors to produce a text that presents the `tsunami of knowledge` that has accrued in the field of animal andrology over the past 60 years, facilitating the flow of this knowledge to potential end users`

`In my view, this well-referenced book should be in the library of all reproduction scientists, especially theriogenologists`.

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