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Bovine Medicine, 3rd Edition

Bovine Medicine, 3rd Edition
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ISBN: 978-1-4443-3643-6
656 pages
May 2015, Wiley-Blackwell

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Thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes in the industry, Bovine Medicine, 3rd Edition,offers practicing large animal veterinarians and veterinary students a comprehensive reference to core aspects of contemporary cattle health and husbandry.
  • New edition of a classic text, featuring thoroughly rewritten text, with coverage shifted to the core aspects of everyday cattle practice
  • Includes new focus on both applied skills and application of knowledge, along with many more full-colour illustrations than in previous editions
  • Represents a toolkit of skills that will support the delivery of contemporary cattle practice
  • Presents a seamless integration of information on husbandry, nutrition, and disease
  • Written by a wide range of experts from around the world

Table of Contents

Contributors vii

Preface ix

Section I: Modern Cattle Practice

1 Sustainability and One Health 3
Judith L. Capper

2 Modern Cattle Practice: a Blueprint for the Future 11
Jos P. Noordhuizen

3 Education and Cattle Practice: ‘What Do We Do? What Should We Do?’ 26
Peter D. Cockcroft

4 Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine and Clinical Audits in Cattle Practice 41
Peter D. Cockcroft

5 Practice-Based Clinical Research 49
Mark A. Holmes

6 ExpertWitness 55
Paul Roger

Section II: Practice Management and Professional Skills

7 Practice Management –Developing a Progressive Veterinary Practice 63
Peter Orpin

8 Veterinary Leadership and Communication Skills 69
Michelle McArthur and Adele Feakes

9 Marketing, Promotion and Farmer Education 77
Peter Orpin

10 Veterinary Equipment in Ambulatory Practice 85
Karin Mueller

11 The Practice Laboratory 97
Allan Kessell

12 Safety: Handling and Restraint of Cattle 110
Mandi Carr

Section III: Clinical Skills

13 Herd Health Investigations in Cattle Practice 117
Cheryl L.Waldner and John R. Campbell

14 Diagnosis and Clinical Reasoning in Cattle Practice 124
Peter D. Cockcroft

15 Special Diagnostic Procedures 132
Phil Scott and Peter D. Cockcroft

16 Bovine Haematology and Biochemistry 145
Allan Kessell

17 Post-Mortem Examination and Sample Taking in Cattle 160
Elizabeth F. McInnes

18 Microbiology for Cattle Practitioners 174
Bryan Markey

19 Epidemiology: the Important Concepts 183
Michael P. Reichel

20 Biosecurity 188
Wayne Boardman

21 Applied Clinical Parasitology for Cattle Practitioners 197
Mike Taylor

22 Cattle Poisoning: Principles of Toxicological Investigations 210
Jo Payne, Chris Livesey and AlanMurphy

23 Antimicrobial Selection in Cattle Practice 224
Peter D. Cockcroft

24 Pain Management in Cattle Practice 237
Peter D. Cockcroft

25 Bull Health and Breeding Soundness 246
Peter Chenoweth

26 Euthanasia of Cattle 262
Karin Mueller

Section IV: Herd Health

27 Important National and International Diseases of Cattle 273
Michael P Reichel and Charles Caraguel

28 Population Medicine and Herd Health Planning 280
Nigel B. Cook

29 Welfare and Cattle Behaviour 291
Clive Phillips

30 Rumen Health in the Dairy Cow 297
Dai Grove-White

31 Genetics for the Bovine Practitioner 305
Nicholas N. Jonsson and Emily K. Piper

32 Abortion and Perinatal Mortality in Cattle 312
Richard D. Murray

Section V: Dairy Cattle Herd Health

33 The Prevalence and Cost of Important Endemic Diseases and Fertility in Dairy Herds in the UK 325
Alastair Macrae and Richard Esslemont

34 Dairy Cow Housing Audit 338

35 Cattle Signs 347
Kiro Petrovski

36 The Farm Audit: Health and Management of the Calf 360
Katrine Bazeley

37 Heifer Rearing,Weaning to Second Calving: Optimising Health and Productivity 373
Peter D. Cockcroft

38 The Farm Audit: Health and Management of the Transition Cow 381
Ian J. Lean and Peter J. DeGaris

39 The Farm Audit: Clinical Dairy Cow Nutrition 388
Thomas A. Chamberlain

40 The Farm Audit: Udder Health, Mastitis Milk Quality and Production 396
Andrew Biggs

41 The Farm Audit: Foot Health, Lameness and Footcare 406
Nick Bell

42 Reproductive Technologies: On-Farm Applications 418
Tim Parkinson

43 Optimising Herd Fertility: the Farm Audit 436
Rob Smith

44 A Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point Approach to Improving Reproductive Performance in Lactating Dairy Cows 450
I.J. Lean, A.R. Rabiee and N. Moss

45 Practice-Based Dairy Health Planning and Plans 465
Jonathan M.E. Statham

46 Organic Dairy Farms 476
Kathryn Ellis

Section VI: Beef Cattle Herd Health

47 Beef Suckler Cow Diseases: Monitoring and Surveillance 489
Phil Scott

48 Beef Suckler Herd Health: Key Intervention Points 493
Phil Scott

49 Auditing Beef Cow Herd Reproduction 501
George Caldow and Iain Riddell

50 Farm Audit –Replacement Beef Heifers 506
Robert L. Larson

51 Cattle Housing: Design and Management 517
Jamie Robertson

52 Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD): Diagnosis, Prevention and Control 525
Peter D. Cockcroft

53 Farm Audit of Beef Cattle Nutrition 531
Colin Morgan

54 Audit of Semi-Intensive Beef Finishing Systems 537
Peter D. Cockcroft

55 Beef Cattle Feedlots –How to Measure, Manage and Monitor 543
Mandi Carr

56 Organic Beef Farms 549
Kathryn Ellis

57 Marketing Beef Cattle Practice 555
Brad J. White

Appendix I Vade Mecum of Cattle Conditions 560
Kiro Petrovski

Index 643

Author Information

Peter Cockcroft is Professor of Ruminant Health at the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, University of Adelaide, Australia. He has a Diploma in Cattle Health and Production from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is a Diplomate of the European College of Bovine Health Management. He is European College Veterinary Specialist in Bovine Health Management. Peter has published extensively in the field of bovine medicine and is known for his work in evidence-based veterinary practice.


“This book will be an asset to veterinarians who work with cattle.”  (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 15 September 2015)

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