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Equine Pharmacology

Equine Pharmacology
10-30 napon belül beszerezzük

Cikkszám: 1558

Cynthia Cole (Editor), Bradford Bentz (Editor), Lara Maxwell (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-813-82262-4 November 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 328 Pages


Equine Pharmacology combines highly practical therapeutic guidance with reliable scientific background information to provide a clinically relevant resource. Taking a body systems approach to the subject, the book offers the equine clinician fast access to drug options for a given disease, with additional information available for reference as needed. Logically organized to lead the reader through the clinical decision-making process, Equine Pharmacology is a user-friendly reference for pharmacological information on the horse.

The book begins with a general review section presenting the principles of antimicrobials, anesthesia, analgesics, anti-parasitics, foals, fluid therapy, and drug and medication control programs. The remainder of the book is devoted to a body systems approach to therapeutics, allowing the reader to search by affected system or specific disease to find detailed advice on drug therapy. Equine Pha...


Contributors, vi

Preface, viii

Section 1: General Review Section

1 Horse of a different color: Peculiarities of equine pharmacology, 3
Lara Maxwell

2 Basics of antimicrobial therapy for the horse, 16
Cynthia Cole

3 Anesthesia and sedation in the field, 44
Jennifer E. Carter

4 Clinical application of equine analgesics, 63
Sheilah A. Robertson and L. Chris Sanchez

5 Pharmacology of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, 76
Cynthia Cole

6 Parasiticides for use in horses, 85
Tad Coles and Randy Lynn

7 Foals are not just mini horses, 99
K. Gary Magdesian

8 Fluids and electrolytes for the equine clinician, 118
Brett Tennent-Brown

9 Drug and medication control programs in equine athletes, 131
Scot Waterman and Jennifer Durenburger

Section 2: Therapeutics: A Systems Approach

10 Clinical pharmacology of the respiratory system, 139
Melissa R. Mazan and Michelle L. Ceresia

11 Clinical application of gastrointestinal therapeutics, 183
L. Chris Sanchez

12 Treatment of equine nervous system disorders, 192
Cynthia Cole and Bradford Bentz

13 Clinical pharmacology of the equine musculoskeletal system, 218
Bradford Bentz

14 Therapy of the eye, 254
Amber Labelle

15 Pharmacological treatment of equine endocrine diseases, 270
Dianne McFarlane

16 Equine cardiovascular clinical pharmacology, 279
Meg Sleeper

17 Clinical pharmacology of diseases of the equine urinary system, 291
Nora Nogradi and Balazs Toth

Index, 308

“Equine Pharmacologywill be a valuable resource for practicing veterinarians and veterinary students who are interested specifically in treating horses and understanding the rationale for the most commonly used therapeutics in equine medicine . . . In summary, this book is a succinct and accurate resource that will provide readers with a clear understanding for most of the therapeutic options available for horses.”  (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 15 June 2015)

“I would thoroughly recommend this book and consider it to be both a useful buy and value for money, as well as filling a much-needed place in any practice library or vet’s car.”  (Veterinary Practice, 1 May 2015)

"Equine pharmacology will be of benefit to veterinary students and practitioners, providing a succinct basis and approach to the clinical application of pharmacology in horses. As such, it will serve as a useful reference text in both hospital-based and ambulatory clinician settings for the provision of practical pharmacological management of equine patients." (Australian Veterinary Journal, 3 March 2017)


  • Takes an innovative body systems approach to the subject of equine pharmacology
  • Offers quick reference to information about drug options for many diseases relevant to horses
  • Combines practical, clinically oriented advice with scientific rigor
  • Acts as an aid to selecting and implementing therapeutic options
  • Allows searching by affected system or by specific diseases
  • Brings together veterinary pharmacologists and equine clinicians to offer a wide perspective to the topic

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