Essential guides on cattle farming. Hoof diseases

Essential guides on cattle farming. Hoof diseases
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Authors: González Sagüés, Adrián;Molinero Argüello, Almudena
Release date: 2018
ISBN: 978-84-16818-56-3
Pages: 82
Format: 17 x 11

Lameness is an issue of great concern for farmers and veterinary practitioners around the world. It affects both dairy and beef cattle farmers and is one of the main causes for culling animals. The interest in achieving good hoof health in cattle herds is not only due to the negative consequences of lameness on the farm`s productivity and profitability, but also to social pressure as a result of animal welfare legislations. The main objective of this guide is not to provide a specific view on hoof care, but to address the topic from a global point of view by gathering the authors`; experiences. This handbook, written by experts in this field, is an instructive and visual guide, which will show readers how to analyse the most important characteristics of lameness and the main measures for its control and optimal prevention.

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