Self-Assessment Colour Review, Small Animal Dermatology

Self-Assessment Colour Review, Small Animal Dermatology
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  • Provides 255 advanced dermatology cases
  • Includes more than 300 superb color illustrations
  • Written by the same author as our bestselling Self-Assessment Color Review of Small Animal Dermatology


Building on the great success of the author’s earlier book, Small Animal Dermatology Volume 2, Advanced Cases: Self-Assessment Colour Review presents 255 clinical scenarios in self-assessment format. Coverage includes allergy; alopecia; autoimmune and congenital diseases; neoplasia, viral, parasitic, bacterial, and fungal diseases; and diseases related to nutrition and pigment. The cases reflect real life practice and vary in complexity from the more easily treatable to the most difficult and serious cases.

The self-assessment format, featuring questions, top quality color illustrations, and detailed answers and explanations is designed to educate, not just to test. This new volume is designed for veterinary practitioners and students, veterinary nurses, technicians, and all those working with skin diseases in small animals.

Table of Contents

Allergic Cases
Alopecic Cases
Autoimmune Cases
Bacterial Cases
Congenital Cases
Diagnostic Cases
Ear Cases
Endocrine Cases
Fungal Cases
Keratinization Cases
Metabolic Cases
Miscellaneous Cases
Neoplasia Cases
Nutrition Cases
Parasite Cases
Pigmentation Cases
Structure and Function Cases
Therapy Cases
Viral Cases

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