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BSAVA Manual of Ornamental Fish, 2nd Edition

BSAVA Manual of Ornamental Fish, 2nd Edition
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Cikkszám: 1437

William H. Wildgoose (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-905-21457-3 December 2001 312 Pages


This important publication has been completely revised and expanded by 29 authors from the UK and USA for an international readership. It is extensively illustrated and intentionally practical with a large new section on systematic disorders that will aid disease diagnosis.

This book covers all aspects of ornamental fish health including: environmental needs, the aquatic trade, fishkeeping, disease investigation, systematic disorders, infectious and non-infectious diseases, medical and surgical therapies, relevant legislation and health & safety.

Although written primarily for veterinarians, this book is an essential reference for anyone involved in professional fish health care and for those working in the ornamental fish industry and public aquaria.

List of contributors.



Part I: General Background and Management.

1. The aquatic environment (Jane Lloyd).

2. Ornamental fish trade (Keith Davenport).

3. Ornamental fish farming (Chris Walster).

4. Aquatic traders (Bernice Brewster).

5. Pond fish keeping (Frank Prince lles).

6. Freshwater aquaria (David Pool).

7. Marine aquaria (Dick Mills).

8. Public aquaria (Ian D.F. Walker and Brent R. Whitaker).

Part II: Clinical investigation.

9. General approach (Ray L. Butcher).

10. Examining the environment (Todd R. Cecil).

11. Restraint, anesthesia and euthanasia (Lindsay G. Ross).

12. Clinical examination (Gregory A. Lewbart).

13. Laboratory techniques (Peter J. Southgate).

14. Diagnostic imaging and endoscopy (Mark D. Stetter).

Part III: Diseases - by System.

15. Skin disease (William H. Wildgoose).

16. Internal disorders (William H. Wildgoose).

17. Respiratory Disease (Sara Childs and Brent R. Whitaker).

18. Ocular disorders (Brent R. Whitaker).

19. Behavioural Changes (Ruth Francis-Floyd and William H. Wildgoose).

20. Sudden Death (William H. Wildgoose).

Part IV: Diseases - by Cause.

21. Parasitic diseases (Matt Longshaw and Stephen W. Feist).

22. Bacterial diseases (Gavin Barker).

23. Fungal diseases (Andrew Hilliman)].

24. Viral diseases (David Bucke).

25. Environmental disorders (Todd R. Cecil).

26. Toxins (Peter J. Southgate and Edward J. Branson).

27. Neoplasia and developmental anomalies (John C. Harshbarger).

28. Nutritional disorders (Roy P.E. Yanong).

29. Reproductive and genetic disorders (Roy P.E. Yanong).

Part V: Treatment and Prophylaxis.

30. Therapeutics (William H. Wildgoose and Gregory A. Lewbart).

31. Surgery (Craig A. Harms and William H. Wildgoose).

Part VI: Miscellaneous.

32. Aquatic invertebrates (Colin Grist).

33. Legislation.

a. UK legislation (Peter W. Scott).

b. US legislation (Roy P.E. Yanong).

34. Health and safety (Colin Grist).



"...the new BSAVA Manual of Ornamental Fish will educate, inspire and encourage other vets to move into this expanding sector"
Veterinary Times, October 2001
* Completely revised, expanded NEW edition
* Aquatic traders and farming
* Clinical investigations
* Diseases by system and type
* Practical approach
* International contributors
* Colour illustrations throughout
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Akció ideje: 2020.04.04 - 2023.05.31
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