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CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine

CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine
15 - 35 napon belül beszerezzük (Átmenetileg bizonytalan)

Cikkszám: 945

CRC Press
Published May 23, 2018
Reference - 1124 Pages - 201 Color & 47 B/W Illustrations
ISBN 9781498796873 - CAT# K30409


AAP Prose Award Finalist 2018/19


Key features:

  • Covers all aspects of marine mammal veterinary practice

  • Written by internationally acknowledged experts

  • Adds new chapters on Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Ethics, Oil Spill Response, Health Assessments, Whale Entanglement Response, Dive Response, and Biotoxins

  • Richly illustrated in color throughout the new edition including updated anatomical drawings and extensive photographs of ocular lesions

  • Provides guidance to websites that regularly present updated information and images pertinent to current marine mammal medicine such as imaging and stranding network contacts
  • Discusses ethics and animal welfare


For three decades, this book has been acknowledged as the most respected scientific reference specifically devoted to marine mammal medicine and health. Written by approximately 100 contributors who are recognized globally as leaders in their respective fields, the CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine, Third Edition continues to serve as the essential guide for all practitioners involved with marine mammals including veterinarians, technicians, biological researchers, students, managers, keepers, curators, and trainers. The 45 chapters provide essential information for the practitioner on pathology, infectious diseases, medical treatment, anesthesia, surgery, husbandry, health assessment, species-specific medicine, medically pertinent anatomy and physiology, and global health concerns such as strandings, oil spills, and entanglements of marine mammals.

The book guides the reader through the veterinary care of cetaceans, pinnipeds, manatees, sea otters, and polar bears. In addition to summaries of current knowledge, chapters provide information on those digital resources and websites which present the latest information as it emerges in the field. The CRC Handbook of Marine Mammal Medicine, Third Edition gives a call to action for scientists to experiment with new endeavors to engage and inspire current and future generations to care for marine mammals and the marine environment, and work together to find solutions. As the most trusted reference for marine mammal conservation medicine and for marine mammal medical facilities around the world, this book needs to be in your library.

Table of Contents

Preface. Climate change, regional issues. Global Marine Mammal Health Concerns. Stranding networks and response. Oil spill response and effects. Whale entanglement response and diagnosis. Zoonoses and public health. Ethics and animal welfare. Anatomy and Physiology. Overview of dive responses. Anatomy. Endocrinology. Stress. Reproduction. Immuno-diagnostics. Genetics. Pathology. Gross necropsy and specimen collection. Non infectious diseases. (update plus noise, gas bubble disease, freshwater disease). General toxicology. Biotoxicoses. Infectious Diseases. Viruses. Bacteria. Mycoses. Protozoa. Helminths and Arthropods. Medicine, Anesthesia and Surgery. Dentistry. Ophthalmology. Diagnostic Imaging. Endoscopy. Anesthesia. Pharmaceuticals and Formularies. Euthanasia. Husbandry. Nutrition and energetics. Hand rearing and artificial milk formulas. Environmental considerations. Tagging and tracking. Transport. Health Assessment (How to examine, collect blood, urine, csf, feces, breath, photogrammetry, biopsy). Whales. Dolphins. Pinniped. Walruses. Sirenians. Polar bears. Species Specific Medicine (with blood values, clin path changes with relevant diseases). Cetaceans. Seals and sea lions. Walruses. Sirenia. Otters. Polar bears. Appendices. Conversions. Abbreviations.

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