BSAVA Guide to Pain Management in Small Animal Practice

BSAVA Guide to Pain Management in Small Animal Practice
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Ian Self (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-910-44300-2

April 2019 216 Pages


The BSAVA Guide to Pain Management in Small Animal Practice is an essential reference guide for use in daily practice by all members of the veterinary team. Presented in an easy-to-read instructional format, this guide is intended to give practitioners practical information on pain management for small animals, including cats and dogs, birds, rabbits and exotic pets, with an emphasis on patient welfare and evidence-based medicine.

The early chapters lay the foundations of pain management, including the physiology of pain, acute and chronic pain, pharmacological treatment and physical treatment. The following chapters focus on particular pain scenarios, such as dental pain and cancer pain, using authors’ perspectives and case examples to enhance guidelines.

1 Introduction
Ian Self

2 Physiology of pain
Tamara Grubb and Ian Self

3 Acute and perioperative pain
Jo Murrell and Briony Alderson

4 Chronic and osteoarthritic pain
Kate White and James Hunt

5 Pharmacological treatment of pain
Freddie Corletto and Colette Jolliffe

6A Physical methods used to alleviate pain: nursing considerations
Fiona Scarlett

6B Physical therapies used to alleviate pain: complementary therapies
Samantha Lindley

7A Trauma/emergency pain
Dominic Barfield

7B Thoracic pain
Ana Marques

7C Abdominal pain
Caroline Kisielewicz

7D Neuropathic pain
Annette Wessmann

7E Dental pain
Cecilia Gorrel

7F Ophthalmic pain
Carl Bradbrook

7G Orthopaedic pain
Kinley Smith

7H Cancer pain
Iain Grant

7I Pain in rabbits
Jo Hedley

7J Pain in birds
Steve Smith

7F Pain in other exotic pets
Jenna Richardson and Kevin Eatwell

Appendix 1: Pain scales

Appendix 2: Major blocks

Appendix 3: WHO pain relief ladder


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