BSAVA / VPIS Guide to Common Canine and Feline Poisons

BSAVA / VPIS Guide to Common Canine and Feline Poisons
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ISBN: 978-1-905-31945-9 September 2012 184 Pages


This book presents thumbnail sketches of pertinent information relating to poisoning of small animal pets by commonly encountered substances, plants and other items. For each agent, information is given on toxicology, clinical effects, appropriate first aid and subsequent management and prognosis. This is to enable veterinary surgeons and their staff to give appropriate guidance over the telephone or in person, to clients that suspect their animals may have been poisoned. A ‘traffic light’ system indicates the level of concern and urgency
"The BSAVA/VPIS Guide to Common Canine and Feline Poisons is a handy almost (not quite) lab-coat pocket-sized tool for triaging small animal poisoning cases...As a practitoner I feel that the best application of this book is triaging cases over the phone... I can collect as much information as possible, refresh myself on key elements of treatment and - if necessary - seek additional information while the animal is in transit to the vet." - from a review in Control and Therapy Series

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