Clinical Veterinary Echography (Hardback)

Clinical Veterinary Echography (Hardback)
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Cikkszám: 1994

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Author Federica Rossi, Giliola Spattini. Translated by Claudio Porcellana.
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Dimensions 210x297 (portrait)
Extent 192 pages
ISBN 9781910455739
Publication date February 2017

As imaging techniques become increasingly sophisticated in veterinary medicine, interpreting images becomes increasingly challenging. This practical manual, focused on small animals, provides a rich visual guide to using echography in clinical practice in a range of conditions, and covering body systems including: the peritoneal area, the liver and biliary tract, the spleen, the stomach, intestine, pancreas, male and female reproductive systems, the urinary tract and the chest.

 Authored by an international team of experts, the following topics are covered in depth: The physics-based principles of ultrasound science, interpretation of ultrasound images, scan techniques in ultrasound and interventional techniques in ultrasound.

 Clinical Veterinary Echography is an ideal resource for the veterinarian in general practice and the referral veterinary and also a useful guide for veterinary students and researchers.

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