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Illustrated Book of Immunology

Illustrated Book of Immunology
Raktáron / Szállítás: 2 - 4 munkanap

Cikkszám: 2052

Format: Paperback | 256 pages
Dimensions: 210 x 297 x 20 mm
Publication date 04 Dec 2020
Publisher: A/3 Nyomdaipari és Kiadói Szolgáltató Kft.Language: English
Illustrations note Approx. Color illustrations
ISBN: 978-963-88110-3-5


Dr. Valkó Anna, PhD
Dr. Lőrincz Márta, PhD

ISBN: 978-963-88110-3-5


A number of excellent books on immunology are available, mainly in English, from which new editions are published, showing the importance and dynamic development of this field of science. However, the functioning of the immune system is extremely complex and intricate, with differing or even conflicting opinions on some issues in the relevant literature. Thus, based on our experience in educating and examining veterinary students, it is not surprising that the literature is often difficult for them to process and they may lose the point by studying the small details. That is why we have had the idea to create a user-friendly book with a new approach. To examine the viability of our concept, we have assessed the needs of the target audience, i.e., primarily university students and veterinarians who have successfully completed their trainings. Our respondents confirmed, that it would be useful for them to have a practical book highlighting the context of immunology, which provides short, understandable explanations and illustrates and brings the processes closer to life with examples that also occur in practice.

Finally, after the in-depth study of the relevant literature and taking into account the needs of the target audience, we have written an atlas-like book that presents the structure of the immune system, its physiological and pathological functions, the possibilities of intervention and related diagnostic methods in an easily digestible, schematic way. In questions that have not been clearly clarified by the current scientific knowledge, the sources in the bibliography were taken into account. In compiling this knowledge, we have focused on the basics, setting aside deeper details, so despite constant changes due to  recent research, this book may still serve as a reliable source of information of understanding immunology for a long time to come. From the students’ perspective, essential materials have been compiled into one place and there is no text on the figures for the sake of easier learning, so that by covering the pages containing the explanation, it is possible to recall what has been learned based on the illustrations. We hope that, in addition to reiterating the basic context, colleagues will also find interesting points in the book after graduating from university, which they may find valuable as veterinarians to understand clinical practice. We consider it important to bring human and veterinary science closer together, as despite the differences in species, in most cases the basics are the same, so we have tried to give examples of humans as well.

Ár: 9 800 Ft
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