Manual of Equine Reproduction

Manual of Equine Reproduction
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  • Steven Brinsko
  • Terry Blanchard
  • Dickson Varner
  • James Schumacher
  • Charles Love

Now in full color, Manual of Equine Reproduction, 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive look at the reproductive management of horses, including management of stallions, pregnant mares, and neonatal foals. Expert authors use a concise, practical approach in discussing improved therapies and treatments in equine breeding. Youll enhance your skills and knowledge with this books detailed coverage of techniques used in reproductive examination, breeding procedures, pregnancy diagnosis, foaling, and reproductive tract surgery.

Paperback, 336 Pages

Published: May 2010

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-06482-8


1. Reproductive Anatomy of the Mare
2. Reproductive Physiology of the Nonpregnant Mare  expanded chapter!
3. Manipulation of Estrus in the Mare  expanded chapter!
4. Breeding Soundness Examination of the Mare
5. Transrectal Ultrasonography in Broodmare Practice
6. Endometritis
7. Pregnancy: Physiology and Diagnosis
8. Pregnancy Loss
9. Management of the Pregnant Mare
10. Dystocia and Postparturient Disease
11. Routine Management of the Neonatal Foal  expanded chapter!
12. Semen Collection and Artificial Insemination with Fresh Semen
13. Examination of the Stallion for Breeding Soundness
14. Semen Preservation
15. Surgery of the Mare Reproductive Tract
16. Surgery of the Stallion Reproductive Tract
17. Embryo Transfer
18. Evaluation of Breeding Records
19. Assisted Reproductive Technology  NEW chapter!

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