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Small Animal Dermatology: What`s Your Diagnosis?

Small Animal Dermatology: What`s Your Diagnosis?
Raktáron / Szállítás: 2 - 4 munkanap

Cikkszám: 1634

Jane Coatesworth

ISBN: 978-1-119-31111-9 July 2019 Wiley-Blackwell 240 Pages


Small Animal Dermatology: What’s Your Diagnosis? provides practical information in an easy-to-reference, well-illustrated format, so that students and practicing veterinarians can develop their clinical dermatology skills and test their knowledge. It offers current diagnostic and therapeutic information on small animal skin diseases through real-world clinical cases. Organized by presenting complaint, each clinical problem is covered through case material and questions revolving around differential diagnoses, diagnostic tools, and treatment planning. 

Small Animal Dermatology: What`s Your Diagnosis? features actual clinical cases that demonstrate common clinical presentations. It covers both common and uncommon dermatologic problems, such as alopecia, changes in skin pigmentation, causes of itch, and more. Designed to enhance clinical problem solving skills, the book can be approached as a series of mini challenges, making it an ...


Acknowledgements vii

Abbreviations ix

Introduction xi

Section A Alopecia 1

Case 1 5

Case 2 13

Case 3 19

Case 4 25

Case 5 31

Case 6 37

Case 7 43

Case 8 49

Section B Pigmentation 55

Case 9 59

Case 10 65

Case 11 71

Case 12 75

Case 13 81

Case 14 87

Section C Pruritus 91

Case 15 95

Case 16 101

Case 17 105

Case 18 111

Case 19 115

Case 20 121

Section D Pustules, Crust and Scale 129

Case 21 133

Case 22 139

Case 23 145

Case 24 151

Case 25 157

Case 26 161

Case 27 167

Section E Ulceration 175

Case 28 179

Case 29 185

Case 30 189

Case 31 195

Case 32 201

Case 33 205

Case 34 209

Appendix 1: Diagnosis by Case 215

Appendix 2: Recommended Reading 217

Index 219

"Small Animal Dermatology: What’s Your Diagnosis? is the third book in a series that uses a case-based format to improve critical thinking and clinical problem solving. This book presents 34 cases of dogs and cats with skin diseases. The cases are arranged in 5 sections on the basis of clinical sign or lesion type. Each section has a well-written summary, which alone is useful to clinicians who want to improve their clinical skills. Each case is presented in a detailed easy-to-follow manner with logical explanations of examination findings, lists of differential diagnoses, recommended diagnostic tests, and treatment plans. For some cases, the clinical findings were either unusual for a common disease or non specific and complex, which emphasizes the need to consider a thorough list of differential diagnoses. Perspective buyers are cautioned that this book was written for a United Kingdom audience, and some of the treatments described are not available in other countries such as the United States.
One criticism is that the images are quite small, particularly given the large amount of blank space present in the book. Dermatology is a highly visual field, so it is unfortunate that the layout and image quality were not optimized.
Overall, this is a useful book for those in the veterinary profession wishing to challenge and improve their dermatologic problem-solving skills. Students, technicians, and practitioners will find the cases challenging and interesting. However, it is important to note that this book should not be considered a general reference because it does not cover all dermatologic diseases and is not organized or intended to be a textbook reference."- JAVMA | DEC 15, 2019 | VOL 255 | NO. 12

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Akció ideje: 2021.02.23 - 2024.02.29
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