Small animal surgery. Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide. Surgical techniques

Small animal surgery. Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide. Surgical techniques
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Authors: Rodríguez Gómez, José
Release date: 2016
ISBN: 9788416818273
ISBN e-book: 9788416818327
Pages: 320
Binding: Hard cover
Dimensions: 23 x 29,7

This new volume of the collection Small animal surgery is a selection of the main surgical procedures explained in the previous volumes. The greatest asset of this book is that it is based on high-quality videos, which accompany each of the surgical techniques. These are classified according to degree of difficulty. This book is the result of the authors thorough and careful work and is an essential resource both for veterinary professionals in practice and students of veterinary surgery.

Table of contents:

1. Basic surgical techniques
Excretory urography
            Excretory urography
Preventative hemostasis
            Hydrodissection enucleation
Ophthalmic surgery. Entropion
            Congenital entropion(Hotz-Celsus blepharoplasty)
Case / Hotz-Celsus blepharoplasty with CO2 laser
Lumbosacral epidural anesthesia
            Epidural anesthesia
Urethral catheterization
            Urinary catheterization
            Cystocentesis and percutaneous bladder catheterization
Percutaneous bladder catheterization
            Cystocentesis and percutaneous bladder catheterization
Purse string suture of the anus
            Purse string suture
            Canine orchidectomy
Case / Prescrotal castration in the dog
Anal neoplasia
            Perianal neoplasia
Case / Adenoma (small size)
Closed sacculectomy
            Bilateral sacculectomy
Vulval and vaginal neoplasia
Case / Vaginal tumor
            Vaginal neoplasia
Rectal prolapse. Colopexy
            Rectal prolapse: amputation
            Midline laparatomy
Liver biopsy
            Liver biopsy
Renal biopsy
    Wedge biopsy
            Kidney biopsy
Partial splenectomy
            Splenectomy (vessel ligations)
            Splenectomy (vessel sealants)
    Ovariohysterectomy in the dog
            Ovariohysterectomy and pyometra
            Laparoscopic ovariohysterectomy
Pyometra / Cystic endometrial hyperplasia
            Ovariohysterectomy and pyometra
            Cystotomy (bladder stones)
Bladder uroliths
            Bladder stones (surgical treatment)
Case / Single urolith in a female dog
Ectopic testes
            Ectopic testes (cryptorchidism/monorchidism)
Case / Abdominal monorchid
            Nephrectomy (kidney stones)
Gastrostomy. Midline laparotomy
            Foreign body (gastrotomy)
Gastric dilatation-volvulus syndrome (GDV)
            Gastric dilatation volvulus syndrome
Intestinal obstructiondue to a non-linear foreign body
            Intestinal obstruction (enterotomy)
            Intestinal obstruction (enterotomy)
            Intestinal lesion (enterectomy)
Intestinal intussusception
            Intestinal intussusception
            Megacolon (colectomy)
            Thoracic puncture
            Intercostal thoracotomy
Peritoneal-pericardial diaphragmatic hernia
            Diaphragmatic hernia

2. Advanced surgical techniques
Ear surgery: ablation of the external ear canal
            Ablation of the external auditory canal
    Case / Ablation of the external ear canal
Brachycephalic syndrome
            Brachycephalic syndrome
Tracheal collapse
        Tracheal collapse. Extraluminal cervical tracheoplasty
            Extraluminal tracheoplasty
    Tracheal collapse. Intraluminal tracheoplasty
            Intraluminal tracheoplasty
Urethral stenoses
    Case / Scrotal urethrostomy
            Scrotal urethrostomy
Prolapse of the urethral mucosa
            Urethral prolapse
Exploratory laparoscopy and laparoscopic surgery
            Laparoscopic surgery
Portosystemic shunt
    Case 1 / Extrahepatic shunt.
    Cellophane tape banding (right-sided approach)
            Portosystemic shunt: occlusion with a cellophane strip
    Case 2 / Extrahepatic shunt.
    Ameroid constrictor (left-sided approach)
            Portosystemic shunt: placement of an ameroid ring
Hepatic surgery: hepatic lobectomy
    Case / Hepatic lobectomy
            Hepatic lobectomy
Intramural ureteral ectopy. Ureterocystostomy
    Case / Intramural ectopic ureter
Extramural ectopic ureter.
    Case / Extramural ectopic ureter
Esophageal hiatal hernia
            Hiatal hernia
            Idiopathic megaesophagus (esophagus-diaphragmatic cardioplasty)
    Case / Megaesophagus
Adrenal gland surgery. Adrenalectomy
            Meticulous adrenalectomy
    Case / Adrenalectomy
Cardiac tamponade. Pericardiectomy
Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)
    PDA. Conventional surgical treatment
            Patent ductus arteriosus
Perineal hernia
    Case 1 / Simple herniorraphy
            Simple herniorraphy
    Case 2 / Mesh implant
            Mesh implant
    Case 3 / Deferensopexy
Perianal fistulas
    Case / Radical surgical resection
            Perianal fistulas

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