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Veterinary Toxicology 3rd Edition

Veterinary Toxicology 3rd Edition
Raktáron / Szállítás: 2 - 5 munkanap

Cikkszám: 1017

Editors: Ramesh C. Gupta
eBook ISBN: 9780128114117
Hardcover ISBN: 9780128114100
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 5th March 2018
Page Count: 1238


Veterinary Toxicology, Basic and Clinical Principles, Third Edition, is a unique, single reference that teaches the basic principles of veterinary toxicology to any student at the DVM, MS or PhD level. While comparable texts are primarily directed on the field of human toxicology, this text thoroughly prepares toxicologists and students on the newest approaches for diagnosing chemical and plant poisoning cases in animals. Many chapters on topics not covered in any previous books are provided, such as target organ toxicity, radiation and radioactive materials, FDA regulatory issues, and ethics in veterinary toxicology.

Completely revised and updated to include the most recent developments in the field, including new toxins, methods and regions, this book is an essential resource for advanced students and researchers in toxicology, practicing veterinary toxicologists, poison control centers, marine biologists, environmentalists and animal scientists.

Key Features

  • Provides a complete, up-to-date, integrated source of information on toxins and poisons relating to animals
  • Covers all important aspects of veterinary toxicology with completely updated and revised chapters
  • Includes basic principles of a key toxicology concept, along with clinical applications and a list of major references for further reading


A valuable clinical reference for practicing veterinary toxicologists, poison control centers, marine biologists, environmentalists and animal scientists. Its coverage of basic principles also makes it an ideal reference for advanced students entering the profession of veterinary toxicology

Table of Contents

Section I: General
1. Concepts in veterinary toxicology
2. Toxicokinetics
3. Factors affecting chemical toxicity
4. Toxicological testing: in vivo and in vitro models
5. Epidemiology of animal poisonings in the United States
6. Epidemiology of animal poisonings in Europe
7. Epidemiology of animal poisonings in Asia
8. Chemicals of terrorism
9. Regulatory considerations in veterinary toxicology
10. Regulatory aspects for the drugs and chemicals used in food-producing animals in the European Union
11. Regulatory aspects for the drugs and chemicals used in Japan
12. Statistics in veterinary toxicology
13. Computational modeling in veterinary toxicology (New chapter)
14. Toxicology and the law

Section II: Organ Toxicity
15. Nervous system toxicity
16. Respiratory toxicity
17. Cardiovascular toxicity
18. Liver toxicity
19. Renal toxicity
20. Reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption
21. Placental toxicity
22. Dermal toxicity
23. Blood and bone marrow toxicity
24. Immunotoxicity View more >

Akciós ár: 75 590 Ft helyett 48 500 Ft
Akció ideje: 2019.08.07 - 2023.09.30
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