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Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat, Third Edition

Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat, Third Edition
Raktáron / Szállítás: 2 - 4 munkanap

Cikkszám: 511

July 25, 2016 by CRC Press
Reference - 1160 Pages - 1076 Color
ISBN 9781482226058 - CAT# K22463


  • New chapters: Medical History and Client Communication, Common Clinical Problems, Diseases of the Oral Cavity and Teeth, Approach to Thoracic Radiographs, Approach to Abdominal Radiographs, Disorders of Hemostasis, Management of the Obese Dog and Cat and Case Studies
  • Existing chapters have been completely revised and updated many with new contributing authors
  • Over 800 new colour illustrations


Prior to publication of the first edition of Clinical Medicine of the Dog and Cat, no other comprehensive small animal veterinary medicine book existed with a comparable amount of relevant illustrated material. This new third edition continues and expands on the revolutionary approach of the previous two editions, now including more than 1,850 highly valuable clinical colour photographs, diagrams, and tables.

The third edition of this book has been completely revised and updated. The book is now divided into five color-coded sections – General Approach, Disease of Specific Organ Systems, Multisystemic Disorders, Elements of Therapy and Case Studies. As with the first and second editions of this book the overriding principle of succinct, yet comprehensive text presented in a clear format with an abundance of good quality images remains.

Section I: General Approach is completely new and covers medical history and client communication, and common clinical problems.

Section II: Specific Organ Systems is organized by body system with chapters structured in a systematic manner that include the definition for each disorder, its causes, clinical features, differential diagnoses, diagnostic methodology, treatment and prognosis, providing readers with easy access to important clinical information. New to this section are chapters covering diseases of the oral cavity and teeth, approach to thoracic radiographs, approach to abdominal radiographs, and disorders of hemostasis.

Section III: Multisystemic Disorders covers revised and updated chapters including clinical toxicology, infectious diseases, and immunologic disorders.

Section IV: Elements of Therapy covers therapies such as fluid therapy, pain management, nutrition of the critically ill dog and cat and a new chapter on management of the obese dog or cat.

Section V: Case Studies includes over 25 case studies that enable the reader to relate the knowledge gained in the book to clinical cases seen in practice.

Written by board-certified experts with several case contributions by clinicians in advanced phases of resident training, topics were carefully selected to make this a valuable resource to the general practitioner and also to small animal interns and veterinary students.

Table of Contents

Medical History and Client Communication
Common Clinical Problems

Diseases of the Oral Cavity and Teeth
Respiratory Disorders - Upper and lower
Diseases of the Pleural Space
Approach to Thoracic Radiographs
Cardiovascular Disorders
Digestive Diseases (Pharynx to Anorectum)
Liver Diseases
Pancreatic Disorders
Endocrine Disorders
Approach to Abdominal Radiographs
Disorders of the Nervous System and Muscle
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Hematologic Disorders
Disorders of Hemostasis
Dermatologic Disorders
Ophthalmologic Disorders

Clinical Toxicology
Infectious Diseases
Immunologic Disorders

Fluid Therapy
Pain Management
Nutrition of the Critically-Ill Dog and Cat
Management of the Obese Dog or Cat


Akciós ár: 54 850 Ft helyett 28 300 Ft
Akció ideje: 2017.06.26 - 2024.07.31
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