Feline Anesthesia and Pain Management

Feline Anesthesia and Pain Management
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Paulo Steagall (Editor), Sheilah A. Robertson (Editor),

Polly Taylor (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-16780-8 December 2017

Wiley-Blackwell 312 Pages


Feline Anesthesia and Pain Management offers a definitive and practical guide to feline anesthesia and pain management.

The only book offering detailed practical information on anesthesia and pain management in cats, one of the world’s most popular pets
World renowned author team
Quick reference format with full color illustrations
  • Offers detailed practical information on anesthesia and pain management tailored to the unique needs of cats

  • Includes a team of world-renowned authors who are experts in veterinary anesthesia and analgesia

  • Uses a quick reference format that makes the information easy to find and follow

  • Presents full color images to illustrate concepts



Foreword xvii

Contributors xix

1 Handling, Restraint, and Preanesthetic Assessment 1
Graeme Doodnaught and Paulo Steagall

2 Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology 17
Bradley Simon and Paulo Steagall

3 Sedation and Premedication 35
Paulo Steagall

4 Injectable Anesthetics and Induction of Anesthesia 49
Paulo Steagall

5 Local Anesthetics and Loco-regional Techniques 67
Francesco Staffieri and Paulo Steagall

6 Inhalation and Balanced Anesthesia 89
Bruno Pypendop

7 Monitoring 105
Daniel Pang

8 Fluid Therapy 123
Peter Pascoe

9 Anesthetic Management of Special Conditions 139
Paulo Steagall

10 Anesthetic Complications 159
Polly Taylor and Sheilah Robertson

11 Mechanisms of Pain 183
Craig B. Johnson

12 Assessment and Recognition of Acute Pain 199
Sheilah Robertson

13 Treatment of Acute (Adaptive) Pain 221
Paulo Steagall and Polly Taylor

14 Assessment and Recognition of Chronic (Maladaptive) Pain 241
Beatriz Monteiro and Duncan Lascelles

15 Treatment of Chronic (Maladaptive) Pain 257
Beatriz Monteiro and Eric Troncy

Further Reading 278

Index 281

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