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Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care

Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care
Raktáron / Szállítás: 2 - 4 munkanap

Cikkszám: 666

By M E Buseth, Author, lecturer and independent consultant, Norway, R Saunders, Veterinary Adviser: Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund, UK

December 2014 / Paperback / 242 Pages / 9781780641904

Main Description

This book is an essential, thorough, very practical guide to understanding and caring for your rabbit. By following the advice in this book, both rabbit owners and veterinary health professionals report healthier and more content rabbits. Developed from the successful Norwegian text Den Store Kaninboka by the award-winning author Marit Emilie Buseth, Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care will help you:

- develop an understanding of the rabbit`s nature, which will help you to spot normal and abnormal behaviour;
- learn about the correct living conditions in which to keep domestic rabbits, in terms of their behavioural, physical and social needs;
- acquire essential knowledge about rabbit nutrition, dentistry and disease;
- discover a new and improved approach to rabbit-keeping through stories and case examples of real rabbits;
- gain a rewarding owner-pet relationship.

Rabbits are extremely popular pets, but misconceptions about their care and behaviour are widespread. Most illnesses or behaviour problems are a direct or indirect result of poor nutrition and care. This book helps veterinarians and rabbit owners to overcome these challenges by understanding the rabbit`s nature and needs.


Fully updated edition with expanded content covering all aspects of rabbit behaviour, welfare, health and husbandry

  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: Origins and Development of Rabbits
  • 3: Rabbits as Companion Animals
  • 4: Behaviour, Learning and Communication
  • 5: The Social Rabbit
  • 6: From Nose to Tail
  • 7: Rabbit Nutrition
  • 8: Neutering
  • 9: Cleanliness and Hygiene
  • 10: Rabbit Housing and Conditions
  • 11: House Rabbits and Rabbit Proofing of the Home
  • 12: Life Outdoors
  • 13: World Wide Rabbits
  • 14: Rabbit Reproduction and Breeding Control

Rabbit Behaviour, Health and Care is a practical guide to caring for rabbits and is directed to new owners, who receive an overall program for understanding a rabbit`s nature, requirements, and special needs as well as an overall approach to rabbit health.

This is a much-needed book because while rabbits are appealing, popular pets, they have many unique needs above and beyond the dog or cat; and most of their health and behavior issues can be directly attributed to an owner`s poor actions or inactions.

From how to hold a rabbit and identify any health issues early, before they become chronic or serious, to how rabbits interact with other animals and how they age, this is no light treatment of basic diet and health, but even delves into veterinary management and diagnosis.

No rabbit owner should be without this overview, which goes beyond simpler surveys to delve into medical treatments and options.

Akciós ár: 12 270 Ft helyett 10 990 Ft
Akció ideje: 2017.12.12 - 2024.02.29
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