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Concise Textbook of Equine Clinical Practice Book 5 Nervous System, Eyes, Cardiovascular

Concise Textbook of Equine Clinical Practice Book 5 Nervous System, Eyes, Cardiovascular
Raktáron / Szállítás: 2 - 4 munkanap

Cikkszám: 9000

Szerző(k): Erin Beasley, Graham Munroe, François-René Bertin, Graham Munroe

Kiadó: CRC PRESS - Taylor & Francis Group

ISBN: 9781032586007

Nyelv: Angol

Megjelenés: 2024

Oldalszám: 224

Illusztrációk: Színes és ff, ábrák és diagramok

Kötés: Fémspirál


This concise, practical text covers the essential information veterinary students need to succeed in equine medicine and surgery, focusing on the nervous system, eyes, cardiovascular disorders and haemolymphatic systems. Written for an international readership, the book conveys the core information in an easily digestible, precise form with extensive use of bullet points, tables, flow charts, diagrams, lists, protocols and extensive illustrations.

Part of a five-book series that extracts and updates key information from Munroe’s Equine Surgery, Reproduction and Medicine, Second Edition, the book distils best practice in a logical straightforward clinical-based approach. It details clinical anatomy, physical clinical examination techniques, diagnostic techniques and normal parameters, emphasising the things regularly available to general practitioners with minimal information of advanced techniques.

    • The nervous system section discusses in detail the neurological exam, mentions relevant diagnostic tests and divides the diseases of the system into congenital, infectious, traumatic, toxin-induced and miscellaneous causes.

    • In the eye section, the relevant anatomy and the examination of the eye are followed by discussion of useful diagnostic tests and procedures. Diseases of the eye are discussed under the headings of congenital/neonatal, neoplastic, infectious and inflammatory disorders, neurological based and parasitic problems.

    • The cardiological examination and relevant diagnostic tests are followed by sections on arrhythmias, congenital and acquired cardiac diseases, pericardial disease and miscellaneous cardiovascular disease.

    • Finally, the haemolymphatic section discusses in detail relevant diagnostic approaches and laboratory aids, followed by sections on anaemia, haemostasis disorders, infections and neoplasia.

Ideal for veterinary students and nurses on clinical placements with horses, as well as practitioners needing a quick reference ‘on the ground’.


Nervous System. Eyes. Cardiovascular Disorders. Haemolymphatic system.


Erin Beasley, DVM, DACVIM, PhD, is a Clinical Associate Professor in Large Animal Internal Medicine at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA USA. Her doctoral research was in cardiovascular function in horses with gastrointestinal disease. Equine cardiology remains a special interest, although all things internal medicine related make each day in this profession exciting and challenging.

François-René Bertin graduated with a DVM from the National Veterinary School of Nantes (France) and completed an internship at the National Veterinary School of Alfort (France). He trained in Equine Internal Medicine at Purdue University (USA) and became a diplomate of the ACVIM. François-René completed his PhD at McGill University (Canada). He joined The University of Queensland in 2016 and has authored several research articles, book chapters and the first textbook on the diagnosis and management of equine endocrinopathies. François-René leads the Equine Endocrinology research group at UQ and is a member of international expert panels to elaborate guidelines for the management of insulin dysregulation and PPID.

Graham Munroe qualified from the University of Bristol with honours in 1979. He spent 9 years in equine practice in Wendover, Newmarket, Arundel, and Oxfordshire, and a stud season in New Zealand. He gained a certificate in equine orthopaedics and a diploma in equine stud medicine from the RCVS whilst in practice. Joined Glasgow University Veterinary School in 1988 as a lecturer and then moved to Edinburgh Veterinary School as a senior lecturer in large animal surgery from 1994 to 1997. Obtained FRCVS in 1994 and Dip ECVS in 1997 by examination. Awarded a PhD in 1994 for a study in neonatal ophthalmology. He has been visiting equine surgeon at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School, University of Bristol Veterinary School and Helsingborg Hospital, Sweden. Team veterinary surgeon for British Driving Teams 1994-2001, British Dressage Team 2001-2002 and British Vaulting Team 2002. FEI veterinary delegate at Athens 2004 Olympics. He currently works in private referral surgical practice, mainly in orthopaedics. He has published over 60 papers and book chapters.

Akciós ár: 30 240 Ft helyett 27 210 Ft
Akció ideje: 2024.04.04 - 2024.05.31
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