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Small Animal Surgical Emergencies

Small Animal Surgical Emergencies
10-30 napon belül beszerezzük

Cikkszám: 598

ISBN: 978-1-118-41348-7
576 pages
December 2015, Wiley-Blackwell


Small Animal Surgical Emergencies is a practical reference to soft tissue and orthopedic emergencies commonly encountered in small animal practice. 

• Covers common soft tissue and orthopedic emergencies
• Provides step-by-step procedures for stabilizing and operating on the emergent patient
• Promotes problem-solving through algorithms and case studies
• Depicts the concepts described using radiographs, ultrasounds, contrast studies, and photographs
• Includes access to a companion website with video clips, case studies, and images

Table of Contents

List of Contributors ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xv

About the Companion Website xvii

1 Triage and Initial Stabilization of the Emergency Small Animal Surgical Patient 1
Dana Clarke

Section I: Gastrointestinal System

2 Emergency Stabilization of the Acute Abdomen Patient 17
Nyssa Levy and Matthew Beal

3 Esophageal Foreign Bodies 22
Ivan Doran

4 Gastrointestinal Foreign Bodies 33
Karen Cornell and Amy Koenig

5 Intussusception 43
Janet J Kovak and Kate Buriko

6 Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus 49
Michael S. Tivers and Sophie Adamantos

7 Mesenteric Torsion 63
Elizabeth LaFond and Kristina Kiefer

8 Peritonitis 70
Adrienne Bentley

9 Biliary Emergencies 89
Lori Ludwig and Sean Smarick

10 Hemoperitoneum 105
Cassie N. Lux, William T. N. Culp, and Matthew S. Mellema

11 True Abdominal Hernias 116
Dan D. Smeak

12 Traumatic and Incisional Hernias 128
Todd Hamilton

13 Perineal Hernias 136
Karen M. Tobias

14 Pancreatic Abscessation 150
F. A. (Tony) Mann

15 Hepatic Emergencies 159
James A. Perry, Matthew S. Mellema, and William T. N. Culp

16 Bleeding Gastrointestinal Ulcers 170
Laura Ateca, David Holt, and Leslie King

Section II: Urinary System

17 Stabilization of the Uremic Patient 185
Kari Beer and Kenneth Drobatz

18 Urinary Tract Trauma: Renal and Ureteral Injury 194
Daniel Degner

19 Urinary Tract Trauma: Approach to the Uroabdomen 200
Sara Colopy and Dale Bjorling

20 Urinary Tract Trauma: Urethral Injury 211
Sara Colopy and Dale Bjorling

21 Urinary Obstruction: Ureteral Obstruction 224
Daniel Degner and Dana Clarke

22 Urinary Obstruction: Urethral Obstruction 237
Heidi Phillips and Sara Colopy

Section III: Respiratory System

23 Upper Airway Disease: Stabilization Techniques for Patients with an Upper Respiratory Obstruction 257
Meredith Maczuzak and Deborah Silverstein

24 Upper Airway Disease: Tracheostomy 263
Nathaniel Lam

25 Upper Airway Disease: Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome 270
Mike Schlicksup

26 Upper Airway Disease: Laryngeal Paralysis 279
Georga T. Karbe

27 Upper Airway Disease: Laryngeal Trauma 286
Eric Monnet

28 Upper Airway Disease: Tracheal Collapse 289
WilliamT. N. Culp and Matthew D. O’Donnell

29 Pleural Space Disease: Stabilization Techniques for Patients with Pleural Space Disease 297
Erica Reineke and Jennifer Savini

30 Pleural Space Disease: Diaphragmatic Hernia 306
MaryAnn Radlinsky

31 Pleural Space Disease: Pyothorax 313
Lori S.Waddell and David A. Puerto

32 Pleural Space Disease: Hemothorax 320
Chad W. Schmiedt and Benjamin M. Brainard

33 Pleural Space Disease: Pneumothorax 327
David A. Puerto and Lori S. Waddell

34 Pleural Space Disease: Lung Lobe Torsion 337
Jaime Green

35 Pleural Space Disease: Surgical Approach to the Thoracic Cavity 344
David A. Puerto and Jaime Green

36 Chest Wall Disease: Stabilization Techniques for Patients with ChestWall Disease 350
Jennifer Savini and Deborah Silverstein

37 Chest Wall Disease: Pectus Excavatum 355
Krista N. Adamovich-Rippe and William T. N. Culp

38 Chest Wall Disease: Flail Chest 362
Eric Monnet

Section IV: Cardiovascular System

39 Pacemaker Therapy 367
Caryn Reynolds and Katrine Saile

40 Pericardial Effusion 377
Augusta Pelosi and Amy Koenigshof

Section V: Reproductive System

41 Cesarean Section 391
Stephen D. Gilson

42 Small Animal Pyometra 397
Jacqueline Davidson and Dorothy Black

43 Penile and Testicular Emergencies 403
Susan P. Gregory

44 Prostatic Abscessation 413
Richard A. S. White

45 Uterine and Vaginal Prolapse 420
Pieter Nelissen

Section VI: Wound Management

46 Bite Wounds 431
David Holt and Vincent Thawley

47 Burn Injury 442
Caroline Garzotto and Dana Clarke

48 Penetrating Injury in the Dog and Cat 456
Steve J. Mehler and Cindy M. Otto

49 Necrotizing Fasciitis 465
Karol A. Mathews and Ameet Singh

50 Degloving and Shear Injuries 476
Bryden J. Stanley

Section VII: Ocular Emergencies

51 Ocular Emergencies 495
Deborah C. Mandell and Paul Scherlie

Section VIII: Oral Surgical Emergencies

52 Oral Surgical Emergencies 511
Alexander M. Reiter

Section IX: Orthopedic Emergencies

53 Approach to the Septic Joint 523
Samuel P. Franklin

54 Surgical Management of Open Fractures 533
Kimberly Agnello

Index 543

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